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Rajasthan Free Laptop Scheme | Check more details

Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan

Rajasthan( State Level )

Rajasthan Free Laptop Scheme | Check more details

Students in Rajasthan's government schools can benefit from the Laptop Distribution Scheme based on their academic performance. For Class 8 students, those who secure at least 75% in the Primary Education Proficiency Examination and are listed on the state-level merit list (6000 students) are eligible. Additionally, students securing at least 70% marks at the district level, with the top 100 students from each district, can also benefit. For Class 10 students, eligibility requires securing at least 75% in the Rajasthan Board Secondary Education Examination and being listed on the state-level merit list (5880 students). Furthermore, at the district level, students must have a minimum of 120 marks, with at least 79% marks, and the top 98 students from each district will be eligible.

The Rajasthan government has launched numerous scholarship schemes for students in the state. One of the major schemes is the "Free Laptop Distribution Scheme," which was initiated in 2013. The aim of this scheme is to encourage students to achieve excellence in education through the use of technological devices. This scheme is also known by other names such as "Rajasthan Free Laptop Distribution Scheme" and "Rajasthan Free Laptop Scheme."

The nodal department for this scheme is the Secondary Education Department, and under this scheme, students who perform excellently from each district are selected and provided with free laptops. No fees are charged from students for these laptops; they are entirely free.

This scheme is only for students studying in government schools in Rajasthan. Only students in classes 8, 10, and 12 are eligible to benefit from this scheme. The goal is to distribute 27,900 laptops each year. To receive a free laptop, students must score 75% or more at the state level and 70% or more at the district level.

The entire operation of this scheme will be conducted by the District Education Officer, Secondary Office. Students do not need to apply separately for the free laptops. The Secondary Education Board will select students based on eligibility and provide them with laptops.

Number of laptop deliveries

Under Rajasthan Free Laptop Distribution Scheme, 27,900 laptops will be distributed every year in the following manner: -

ClassState Level (Minimum 75% Marks)District Level (Minimum 70% Marks)Total Laptops
Class 86,0003,300 (100 per district)9,300
Class 106,0003,300 (100 per district)9,300
Class 126,0003,300 (100 per district)9,300
Total Laptops18,0009,90027,900

Important Points of Scheme

Under the Rajasthan Government's Free Laptop Distribution Scheme, eligibility lists will be prepared at two levels:

1. State-Level Eligibility List:

- Eligibility: Minimum 75% or more marks in classes 8th, 10th, and 12th.

- Laptop Distribution: A total of 18,000 laptops, with 6,000 laptops for each class.

- Distribution by Stream:

  • Science: 2593 laptops.
  • Commerce: 423 laptops.
  • Arts: 2864 laptops.
  • Senior Upadhyay: 120 laptops.

2. District-Level Eligibility List:

- Eligibility: Minimum 70% or more marks in classes 8th, 10th, and 12th.

- Laptop Distribution: A total of 9,900 laptops, with 3,300 laptops for each class.

- Distribution by Stream:

  • Science: 43 laptops.
  • Commerce: 7 laptops.
  • Arts: 48 laptops.
  • Senior Upadhyay: 2 laptops.

Additional Important Points:

  • Students selected at the state level will not be selected again at the district level.
  • Distribution will be done through a collective ceremony.

This way, the distribution and eligibility criteria for the laptops under the scheme will be ensured.

How to apply

  1. Steps

    Under the Rajasthan government's Free Laptop Distribution Scheme, students do not need to apply anywhere to receive a laptop without any charge. After the board exam results are declared, the Department of Secondary Education will prepare a list of eligible students.

    Once the list is prepared, the eligible students will be notified through their respective schools. Following this, the selected students will be provided with free laptops in district-level ceremonies.

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