09 June, 2024

Rajasthan Turbinid Yojana 2024 | Check here full details

Agriculture Department Rajasthan

Rajasthan( State Level )

Rajasthan Turbinid Yojana 2024 | Check here full details


  • BPL

Documents Required

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport size photo

The objective of Rajasthan Fencing Scheme 2024 is to provide assistance to farmers to protect their farming land so that they can protect their crops from wild animals and unwanted elements. The scheme focuses on crop protection, increase in production, economic and social security, agricultural development, government assistance, environmental protection, and community development, which can improve the economic condition of the farmers.

The Government of Rajasthan has launched a new scheme for the farmers of the state named Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2024. The objective of this scheme is to provide fencing to the farmers to protect their fields. Under this scheme, farmers can protect their crops by fencing around their fields, so that they can sleep peacefully at night. When farmers grow their crops, the surrounding wildlife and animals enter their fields at night and damage the crop, due to which the farmers are not able to take full advantage of their crops. This scheme has been started to solve this problem.

Under this scheme, financial assistance will be provided by the government to the farmers for fencing their fields. Out of the total cost of fencing, 50% of the cost will be borne by the government, while the remaining 50% amount will have to be borne by the farmers themselves. With this scheme, the financial burden will be reduced due to half the amount given by the government to the farmers and they will be able to easily fence around their fields. The benefits of this scheme and the application process are given below, which candidates can check.

Objective of Rajasthan Fencing Scheme 2024 :-

The main objective of Rajasthan Fencing Scheme 2024 launched by the Rajasthan government is to protect the crops of farmers from damage caused by wild animals. When farmers rest after preparing their crops, sleep at night or go out somewhere, stray animals enter the fields and damage the crop, causing huge losses to the farmers. Under this scheme, farmers can protect their crop by fencing around their farm. With this, they can prepare their crop well and earn better profits. This will not only benefit the farmers, but the state government will also benefit from crop production and there will be no shortage of crop in the country.

Financial assistance and benefits under Rajasthan Fencing Scheme 2024 :-

Under the Rajasthan state's Tarbandi Scheme 2024, the following financial assistance and benefits are provided to farmers:

Financial Assistance:-

The government provides a fixed amount of financial aid to farmers for fencing around their fields. This assistance is provided on a per-hectare basis. Under the scheme, a portion of the assistance amount is borne by the state government, while the remaining part must be covered by the farmer.


1. Crop Protection - Fencing helps protect crops from damage caused by wild animals.

2. Increased Production - By securing the fields, crop production increases, thereby improving farmers' income.

3. Ease of Field Monitoring - Fencing makes it easier to monitor fields and reduces damage from external factors.

4. Stability in Agriculture - Securing fields provides farmers with stability and safety in agriculture, helping them become self-reliant.

5. Subsidy Benefits - Every farmer gets benefits like subsidy for fencing up to a maximum of 400 meters. And in return a farmer gets assistance up to Rs 40,000/-

Eligibility for Rajasthan Fencing Scheme 2024 :-

Under Rajasthan Fencing Scheme 2024, financial assistance is provided to farmers for the protection of their fields. The following eligibility conditions have been prescribed to avail the benefits of this scheme:

1. Compulsory to be a farmer - To avail the benefits of the scheme, the applicant must be a farmer.

2. Proof of land ownership - The land must be owned in the name of the applicant. Documents like Khasra number, Khatauni, Patta etc. have to be submitted as proof of this.

3. Farm location - The location of the farm should be suitable for fencing, where fencing is required, such as threat of wild animals or protection of crops is required.

4. Priority Categories - Small and marginal farmers, Scheduled Caste/Tribe farmers, women farmers etc. may be given priority.

5. Economic status - The economic condition of the applicant is also taken into consideration, especially families below the poverty line (BPL) may get priority.

6. Must not have availed the benefit earlier - If a farmer has already availed the benefit of this scheme, he will not get the benefit again. The benefit of the scheme is given only once.

7. Minimum 0.5 hectare land - Farmers must have at least 0.5 hectare eligible land.

8. Bank account - Applicants must have their own bank account, as the government funds will be transferred directly to this account.

Documents required for application :-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Certificate of ownership of land (Khasra, Khatauni, Patta etc.)
  • Bank account details
  • Passport size photo
  • Certificate verified from Panchayat or Gram Vikas Officer
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable)
  • BPL Certificate (if applicable)

How to apply

  1. Process to Apply

    1. First, visit the official website https://rajkisan.rajasthan.gov.in.

    2. Next, navigate to the "Farmer" option on the home page.

    3. Then, select "Crop Management" under the Agriculture Department section.

    4. After that, click on "Click here to apply" on the scheme details page.

    5. Then, the candidate should log in using their Aadhaar ID or SSO ID.

    6. Next, fill out and submit the registration form.

    7. Ensure to provide necessary information in the form such as name, Aadhaar number, father's name, mobile number, and bank account details.

    8. Then, attach the required documents as requested.

    9. Once the application form is complete, download and print it.

    10. Finally, submit the filled application form at the nearest Agriculture Department office.

Contact Persons

Rajasthan Fencing Scheme Helpline Number

(Agriculture Department Rajasthan)


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