Syllabus of Agriculture Services Examination Recruitment 2024

Syllabus of Agriculture Services Examination Recruitment 2024

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission

Uttar Pradesh (State Level)


Start Date
10 April, 2024
End Date
10 May, 2024

The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission is inviting applications for multiple positions in the Combined State Agriculture Services. Indian citizens can apply until May 10, 2024, for 268 vacancies. Applicants should be aged between 21 and 40 year

Agricultural Services Examination Recruitment Process

The Agricultural Services Examination recruitment process is divided into three stages, each leading to potential employment upon successful completion. Below is an overview of each stage:

1. Preliminary Examination

The first stage of the Agricultural Services Examination is the Preliminary Examination. This stage serves as an initial screening process to filter out candidates for further evaluation. It typically consists of multiple-choice questions covering various subjects related to agriculture and general studies.

2. Main Written Examination

Candidates who pass the Preliminary Examination move on to the Main Written Examination. This stage is more in-depth and comprehensive, testing candidates' knowledge and understanding of agricultural concepts, as well as their analytical and writing skills. The Main Written Examination may include subjective questions, essays, and objective tests.

3. Interview

The final stage of the recruitment process is the Interview. Candidates who successfully clear the Main Written Examination are invited to participate in an interview conducted by a panel of experts. During the interview, candidates may be assessed on their communication skills, subject knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and overall suitability for the position.

Upon successful completion of all three stages, candidates may be offered employment in agricultural services based on their performance and ranking in the recruitment process.

First Phase Preliminary Examination
Name of the Question PaperGeneral Studies and Agriculture
Type of Question PaperObjective Multiple Choice Type
Number of Question Papers1
Number of Questions120 (40 questions on General Studies and 80 questions on Agriculture)
Assigned Marks for Each Question2.5
Total Assigned Marks300
Time Duration2 Hours

Second Phase Main Written Examination
Number of Question Papers3
Duration of First Paper3 Hours
First Question PaperGeneral Studies
Time2.5 Hours
Marks50 Marks
Second Question PaperGeneral Hindi and Essay
Time1.5 Hours
Marks50 Marks
Duration of Second Session3 Hours
Third Question PaperOptional Subject
Time3 Hours
Marks250 Marks

Third Phase Interview of Written Examination
Total Marks50

UPPSC Agriculture Services Syllabus 2024

The syllabus for UPPSC Agriculture Services varies for each post based on the optional subject. However, the preliminary exam shares a common syllabus for all posts, comprising General Studies and Agriculture topics. Please consult the table below for a detailed overview of the main subjects covered in the UPPSC Agriculture Services syllabus for the year 2024.

General Studies

General science

History of India

Indian national movement

Indian policy, economy and culture

Indian agriculture, commerce, and trade

Indian and Uttar Pradesh geography and natural resources

Current national and international events

Logic and reasoning based on general intelligence




Ecology and environment

Education, culture, agriculture, industry trade, living and social traditions of Uttar Pradesh.


Production of important cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fibres, and other cash crops

Sustainable crop production

Crop Distribution and production

Agroforestry and social forestry

Classification of Indian soil

Weed and their classification

Constituents of soil

Problems with soil

Essential plant nutrients

Symbiotic and non-symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Soil conservation

Cropping patterns in Uttar Pradesh

Irrigation and drainage

Farm management

Organic farming

Agricultural economy

Agricultural extensions and programs

Farm mechanisation

Heredity and variation


Seed organisation

Physiology and significance of agriculture


Plant growth management

Climate requirements

Diseases management

Food production and consumption trends in India

Distribution of crop production

General Hindi and Essay

National and international events of importance

Reading comprehension



Translation from Hindi to English and vice versa

Literature and culture

Agriculture and business

Science and environment

District Horticulture Officer

Global warming and its reasons

Agro Climatic Zones of UP and India

Scopes of Agricultural Meteorology

Integrated Farming System, Scopes and Importance

Integrated nutrient management

Importance of Fruits and Vegetables in Human Nutrition

Concepts of Organic Farming

Cultivation of Fruits, Vegetables, Medical Crops

Establishment of Kitchen and Nutrition Garden

Organic Farming Fruits and Vegetables.

Food Preservation Officer

Harvest Management of Horticulture Crops

Principles and Methods of Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables

Preparations of Jam, Jelly, Candy, Pickles and related items

Importance of Foods Handling, Grading, Packaging

Concepts of Canning Pasteurization

Spoilage Agents

Agricultural Export Zones and Industrial Support

Fruit and Vegetable Vitamins


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